quantqual is an innovation initiative creating powerful strategic tools for organisations. Our core approach, OLCA [outcome likelihoods: causal analysis], helps you know the unknowns in management, strategy and evaluation.

Reduce uncertainty

by organising, analysing and revealing knowledge

Handle risk

improving decisions and management

Communicate complexity

Internal and external understanding with intuitive graphical tools


Outcome Likelihoods: Causal Analysis - the background and benefits



OLCA 101

a primer

Adaptive Management

White Paper


White Paper

Ex-post Evaluation

White Paper

Who we are

Who we work with


Upcoming podcast project

Stuart and Simon will be recording a discussion with Dr Alex Penn and Dr Pete Barbrook-Johnson in a podcast that…

It’s good to talk? Assessing the quality of dialogue

One field that crops up again and again in our work is policy dialogue. This has been an important element…


On the 13/14 July 2020 there was a course on topics that concern OLCA run by Simon and Stuart through…

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