Stuart Astill

Stuart Astill has over 20 years of experience working at the heart of analytical, strategic, policy and operational thinking – working with public officials, private-sector, third-sector and academic experts, elected representatives and ministers.

His qualitative and quantitative skills span performance analysis, statistics and economics. He has worked with, or within, international governments, NGOs, UK government, the European Commission and widely in the private sector, third-sector clients globally.

His work has created insights improving decision making, operational efficiency and VfM as well as establishing innovative projects.

Simon Henderson

Simon Henderson has spent nearly 30 years working on performance measurement, lesson-learning and accountability with public and civil society organisations in over 20 developing countries and in the UK.

In recent years, Simon’s work has focused on monitoring and evaluation within the governance sphere. His projects include two major studies into the effectiveness of Australian electoral assistance in Papua New Guinea and the Asia-Pacific region and he has evaluated UK support fostering transboundary water governance of major international rivers in South Asia and an initiative to strengthen evidence-informed policy-making in Indonesia.